90yo Grandma Turns Her Czech Village Into Her Own Personal Art Gallery



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90yo Grandma Turns Her Czech Village Into Her Own Personal Art Gallery

By Pineapplesz

Usually, people of old age would spend their time watching TV, playing with their grandchildren, learning to be more religious or any activity that doesn't require a lot of energy. This certainly doesn't apply to a 90 year old granny from Czech Republic.


Agnes Kasparkova has made it her mission to paint all the houses in the village of Louka and adorn them with colourful intricate flower motifs. Agnes is an ex-agricultural worker who picked up painting, wall decorating in particular, as her passion to keep herself busy.

The beautiful grandma spent every summer and spring adorning the window and door frames with charming blue flower designs. Using blue paint and a small brush, Agnes creates intricate floral wall designs inspired by traditional Moravian (southern Czech) artwork.




"House painting is a hobby purely for pleasure. I am an artist. I just enjoy wall painting, and I want to help." Her floral wall murals are just as charming as she is.

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