Boy Brutally Killed By Mother For Loving Grandma More Than Her



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Boy Brutally Killed By Mother For Loving Grandma More Than Her

By Huan Lui

Can we weigh our love towards others? 

A family tragedy happened recently in India, where a young mother stabbed his son to death with a knife because he was more attached to his grandmother. 

30-year-old Kulwinder Kaur lived with her 6-year-old son, Arshpreet, and in-laws in Jalandhar district in the state of Punjab while her husband works and lives in Italy. It was reported that Kulwinder and her mother-in-law, Charanjit Kaur do not get along well, which is why it always annoys her when Arshpreet was always sticking to Charanjit. 

On Monday (June 8), Arshpreet went straight to his grandmother after dinner and Kulwinde, as usual, was not happy with that. Only this time, she was so angry that she took her son back to her room and stabbed him twice.  

Photo source: China Press

After killing her son, Kulwinder tried to end her own life by jumping off the second floor of her house. However, she survived the fall and is now receiving treatment in a hospital in Nakodar.

Meanwhile, the little boy died on his way to the hospital.

Kulwinder was then charged with murder.

Cover photo: India Times || China Press

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