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Women‘s Selfcare: How to wax you privates at home

MJC97   |   Jul 12, 2021, 12:33   |   407

Before beginning, let me just say, who rally gives a damn about beauty standards these days. If you like your pubes leave it alone. The decision is up to you. 

Don’t do something you aren’t comfortable doing just because society tells you that you should. Flip the bird at society and beauty standards and do whatever you want with your body. 

If you prefer shaving off your pubic hair, then here is an article about the dos and don’ts when shaving down there. If you like waxing but feel uncomfortable having someone else do it for you, then here is a step-by-step guide on how to wax your pubes off the right way: 

1. Make sure your hair is the right length

Unlike shaving, when waxing, if your hair is too short the wax won’t be able to grip the hair, if your hair is too long, it will just break in half instead of pulling the whole follicle out. The right length for waxing is a ¼ inch.


2. Buy the right wax

Normally when waxing your bikini line, the best kind of wax is hot wax. This is because the hairs on your privates are more coarse and harder to remove. Hot wax will be able to get a better grip on your hair. Cold wax is more suitable for your leg hair. 

You can buy yourself a hot wax kit on Shopee by clicking on this link. 

3. Heat the wax

If you have a wax warmer like the one below, then you can just add your wax beads to it and heat it up. 


If not, then you can just put your wax beads into microwave safe container then microwave the wax bead for 10 seconds. Take it out and give it a stir, then, repeat the process until the wax is melted. 

4. Pre-clean

Use some mild soap and water to clean the area you want to wax. Make sure after washing, you dry the area completely before layering the wax.

5. Pre-test

Before starting you need to make sure that the temperature of the wax isn’t too hot. A wax warmer is perfect for maintaining a safe temperature. Be sure to keep checking on the temperature as you work. Take an applicator stick and stir the pot, scrape off excess wax and dab the inside of your wrist to test.

6. Wax in sections

Don’t just smear wax all over your vagina, you are not painting a picture. Divides the areas you want to wax according to sections. I recommend starting with your inner thighs and working your way in.


When smearing the wax, make sure you apply a thick layer. To know if it is thick enough, when applying it, you won’t be able to see your skin through it. Smear in the direction of the hair growth, not the opposite. 

7. Ripping time

After smearing the wax, let it sit for about 30 seconds for it to harden. To know if it is hard enough, hit it with your fingernail, if there is a tapping noise then it is ready! 

When ripping the wax, make sure you pull the section off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Hold the skin beneath the section taut when ripping to lessen the pain. 

8. Leftover wax

It is highly likely that you will have some remainder wax left behind on the skin. Just dab some cotton in some olive oil and gently wipe over skin. It should lift away the sticky residue in no time. 


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