Best Mother's Day Gift To Give Your Mum Based On Her Zodiac Sign



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Best Mother's Day Gift To Give Your Mum Based On Her Zodiac Sign

2 Weeks ago
By MJC97

Mother's Day is only a few days away, have you gotten your mum a gift yet or were you like me, too caught up in the whole long Labour Day, Hari Raya holiday that you forgot? 

Well, don't you worry, you won't have to pick your brain trying to find the perfect gift for her because we at Goody! have complied the best gifts you could give your mum based on her zodiac sign. 

I mean, if it is what the universe suggests, then it's best to just follow its lead!

# Aries 

Aries mums love to look good, and they do! So we definitely recommend that you get them something that makes them feel special like a brand new make-up palette of shades that she never used before. Get her to spice up her make-up look!    

# Taurus

Taurus mums love to kick back, unwind and relax and they deserve it! Get them a spa day gift card or even buy them at home spa essentials and you'll make their day for sure.  

# Gemini

Gemini mothers love communication. They want you to talk to them and tell them how you feel. So personalised gifts are the best ways to express your emotions about them, add in a little card or a personal letter telling her what she means to you and you're golden!  

# Cancer

Cancers are homemakers. They love spending time at home with the family, doing stuff together. So you want to buy her something that she can use with the whole family like a new dinnerware set to add to her collection so that your whole family can use it while enjoying a meal together.  

# Leo

Leo moms love it when all the attention is on them. The best gift to give a Leo mum is jewellery that stands out and draws attention to her. Get her a shiny new necklace or a bracelet to even a ring that will be the centre of all the conversations she has with others.  

# Virgo

Virgo mothers are all about planning, sometimes you'd even think that they like the planning more than the execution of the plan. So the best gift you could give them is booking a trip together with them to a certain location, then you can sit with her and plan about all the places you'd like to visit while you're there.  

# Libra

Since Libra's are ruled by Venus, they appreciate high-quality, beautiful things like art. Get a sense of what kind of art she likes and get her an art piece to display in her home so that she can look at it and admire it every day. She'll definitely appreciate that!  

# Scorpio

Scorpio mums love coming back after a long day and getting comfortable at home. Look out for things that would make her home more comfortable for her, like a nice big rocking chair that she can sit in while reading her favourite book or watching her favourite show on tv.  

# Sagittarius

Since most Sagittarius moms live adventurous lives and they treasure every single moment of it, the best gift to give them is a photo frame with photos of her living her best life! Go through your phone and get some nice photos of your family together and some of her doing stuff she loves and make it into a while collage.  

# Capricorn

Capricorn mums love looking elegant and luxurious but also like things that are functional and not only for the purpose of looking good. So get them a nice expensive handbag that has enough space and compartments for all their stuff and they will know you put a lot of thought into their gift.  

# Aquarius

Aquarius moms are the cool mums, they won't be wanting something ordinary so you're going to have to think out of the box for this one! Maybe take them out to volunteer for a cause that you know is close to their heart and this way you'll also get to spend time with them doing something that they care about.  

# Pisces

Pisces moms are creative! They love painting and creating beautiful things with their own two hands. So book them a pottery class to go with you so that they get to explore their creative side. It might be just what they needed!  

What did you buy for your mother this Valentine's day? Share your answers in the comments section! 

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