Painting Date Ideas Are SO CUTE - Here Are 7 Cute Paintings You Can Opt For



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Painting Date Ideas Are SO CUTE - Here Are 7 Cute Paintings You Can Opt For

2 Weeks ago
By ellephant

We're ngl, sometimes dates can become a little repetitive and redundant (you see what I mean?).

So, we think, let's mix it up, because having a date where the two of you sit and paint with some good music? That sounds like some soul stuff you know?

We came across a list of online stores you can go to get some canvases that are both cute and CHEAP. 

Check them out down below. 

1. Random picturesque views  

Price: RM5-RM7

2. Sunrise  

Price: RM9-RM12

3. Plants, shapes and lines  

Price: RM7-RM14

4. Flowers  

Price: RM9-RM16

5. Moonlight  

Price: RM9-RM34

6. Buddha  

Price: RM9-RM33

7. Rivers and streams  

Price: RM10-RM 14

Spend your days painting with boo, and then hanging them all around your house. 

A great gift, a great date, or even great me-time. Take your pick!

For more, visit Shopee

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