9yo Boy Becomes Sole Survivor In Car Crash That Claimed Entire Family's Lives After Car From Opposite Lane Crushed Into Their Myvi In Kelantan



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9yo Boy Becomes Sole Survivor In Car Crash That Claimed Entire Family's Lives After Car From Opposite Lane Crushed Into Their Myvi In Kelantan

By Ayunie

A tragic accident resulting in the loss of four family members occurred at Kilometer 76.5 on the Kota Bharu-Gua Musang Road near Kampung Pahi. The incident is believed to have been caused by a Thai national's car entering the opposing lane and colliding with the victims' vehicle.

The fatal crash took place around 1:40 PM as the family, traveling in a Perodua Myvi, was heading from Kota Bharu towards Gua Musang. Simultaneously, the Nissan March driven by the Thai national was traveling from Gua Musang towards Kota Bharu.


Deputy Superintendent Kamarulzaman Harun, Acting Chief of Kuala Krai District Police, stated that the deceased family members were identified as Syukran Jamil Ab Hamid, 35, who was also driving the Perodua Myvi; his wife, Noor Aishah Razali, 35; their baby daughter, Lufya Adeena Syukran Jamil, 1; and their son, Ahya Rafiqi Syukran Jamil, 6.

Syukran Jamil, Noor Aishah, and Lufya Adeena were confirmed to have lost their lives at the scene, while Ahya Rafiqi passed away at 3:15 PM while receiving treatment at the Sultan Ismail Petra Hospital.

However, their 9-year-old son, Attar Azim Syukran Jamil, sustained injuries and is currently undergoing treatment at the same hospital. He is the sole survivor of the horrific crash. 


Preliminary investigations suggest that the accident occurred when the Perodua Myvi was traveling from Kota Bharu to Gua Musang, and the Thai-driven Nissan March entered the Myvi's lane, resulting in a collision.

The collision caused severe injuries to the Thai driver, Sulaiman Yakoh, in the legs and chest, and his passenger, Noreena Asami, 35, suffered facial injuries. Both are receiving treatment at the same hospital.

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Source: Berita Harian 

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