6 Best Surfing Spots in Malaysia



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6 Best Surfing Spots in Malaysia


Talk about water activities in Malaysia, the first few options that come to our mind is probably diving and swimming. But do you know that Malaysia has amazing surfing spots as well? And some of these sports had held some of the international level surfing events.

The surfing season in Malaysia usually starts from mid November till March of the following month. Many surfers from all around the world travel to Malaysia during period to catch one of the best waves to surf on.

If you do like to surf or you just love watching the sport (while imagining yourself on a Hawaiian beach), here are the 6 places you can go to :-

/ 1 / Cherating, Pahang

This is probably one of the most well-known surfing spots. Back in the 70's, it was named as the "Heaven of surfing". In 2018, the REnextop Asian Surfing Tour (RAST) was held here, with over 300 participants from all over the world joining the event. The best time to surf at this spot is during mid December till February. For those who liked to try surfing, there's an academy here where you can learn to surf - Cherating Surf School. 


/ 2 / Pantai Juara, Pulau Tioman

Ranked 21st on the CNN's World's Best Beaches around the world. Pantai Juara is best for both surfing and stand up paddleboarding. November till February is the best time to surf at this spot. Each year, surfers from all over the world gather here in January for the Tioman Surf Festival. 


/ 3 / Pantai Batu Burok, Terengganu

Another favourite location for many international surfing events. If you are on a trip with someone who doesn't surf, this is probably the best place for all of you. There are many activities that those who doesn't surf can try here, such flying a kite, horse riding, etc. 


/ 4 / Pantai Tanjung Balau, Johor

The southest point of Malaysia - Johor, house one of the nicest beach that attracts many surfers from Malaysia and Singapore. 


/ 5 / Kudat, Sabah

Located in Eastern Malaysia, at the intersection point between South East China sea and Sulu Sea. There are plenty of surfing spots here in Kudat, however, owing to it's location, the waves here could go as high as 6 ft and as far as 100m, which is more suitable for experienced surfers. There are two seasons that you can surf here, which is from July till Sept and Dec till March. 


/ 6 / Pantai Tengah, Pulau Langkawi 

Comparing to other surfing hot spots, this is considerably a new one, which the place only started to attracts more surfers in around 2014. May till Sept is the best time to surf at this beach. The waves can go up to 1.5ft, which best suits new surfers. 

The Malaysia's National Surfers

Time for some "Proud to be Malaysians" moment - Other than having amazing surfing places, Malaysia has a National Surfers team that was assembled recently. The squad consists of 2 female surfers and 3 male surfers, led by Abu Bakar Abdul Manaf. The team has participated in the SEA Games in Philippines, which marks the first time in history our country has participated in Surfing at SEA Games. 


Translated from : https://www.goody25.com/mind5195370

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