Need Space? | Switch 6 Things & You‘ll Have A Bigger, Better Bedroom



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Need Space? | Switch 6 Things & You‘ll Have A Bigger, Better Bedroom

By m7py

Your bedroom is the best place to escape the crazy times outside! But, give it a few days & it will start to feel like a shoebox. Change around these 6 simple things & you can live in a bigger, nicer nest. No paint needed!

1- Go big. 

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Don't have to take out stuff to make space in your room. Instead, hang a big 3D painting about 60 to 65 inches from the floor. It brings depth to the room & makes the wall look larger.

A large-patterned or striped rug helps too. It grabs attention, so your room feels spacious. Plus, it's comfy to hang out on the floor. Make sure the rug covers a lot of visible floor space. 

2- Floor-to-ceiling curtains

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This kind of curtain adds volume to the room & makes the walls + windows look taller. Light sheer linen works best. If you're buying from IKEA, look for DYTÅG.

For small windows, get curtains that go past the side of the windows. So, they won't block any natural light or any nice view. 

3- Fix your layout

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If you love the view outside your room, arrange the furniture facing the windows. So, you won't notice the lack of space. 

NEVER do this mistake: pushing every furniture against the wall. That only makes it feel tight and not balanced. Put the furniture evenly around the space but away from the wall. 

4- Mirror, mirror on the wall

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No, not little hand mirrors. Hang a full-length mirror, or attach several smaller mirrors together on your wall. You'll get more light & space, thanks to the reflection. Even better, full mirror on your closet doors!

Watch what it reflects. Better yet, put the mirror across from your window or a beautiful self-portrait (why not?) for a double view. 

5-Downsize your furniture

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If you're doing more than just sleeping, you'll need a bed + other furniture. Switch the bulky ones with compact choices.

Don't get a full desk to work on your laptop. A lap desk is equally good. Get a cozy bean bag or tatami sofa, instead of chairs. 

That means no instalments to pay every month!

6-Get sexy!

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For closet, & vanity, show legs! Get furniture with taller, exposed legs. You get to see more floor, so the room will feel less crowded. Plus, try to get see-through furniture made from glass or acrylic, because they look less cluttered & chunky. 

Don't choose high headboard for a room with small ceiling. Keep your bed lower to the floor. You'll get cleaner wall & higher ceiling. 

Bedgasm (n.) a feeling of euphoria experienced when climbing into bed at the end of a very long day.

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