WATCH: This M'sian Family Denied Entry To Board Cruise Ship As Passport Was Nearly Expiring



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WATCH: This M'sian Family Denied Entry To Board Cruise Ship As Passport Was Nearly Expiring

By sleepingbeauty

We're all familiar with the excitement of family holidays and the anticipation of creating cherished memories. 

However, for one mother, what should have been a joyous family cruise turned into a disappointing ordeal as they were denied entry due to nearly expired passports. In a twist of fate, the expiration dates on their passports were just a couple of months away, leading to the unfortunate cancellation of their trip. 

@azuraww_ I anxiety naik flight. Takut naik flight. Dah dapat chances nak kapal laut rasa seronok sgt. Dgn anak2 plak tu. I mmg dah plan this special for them. Tapi Allah tak izinkan. Yang dapat naik anak sulong i seorang. Kami berempat (saya, suami. Aishah dan amir) x dapat naik. Try call the pic tak angkat2. Cuma saya berharap duit saya dapat refund untuk saya naik cruise lain atau trip yg lain at least. #cruise #worldcruise #resortworldcruise #cruisemalaysia original sound - AZURAWW | FOUNDER AJNAA

In case you were not aware of this travel rule, passports should be renewed at least 6 months before their expiration date for international travel.

Azura, the mother in question, shared that her travel history had been limited due to her anxiety about flying. Therefore, she was thrilled to book a cruise holiday for her family, entrusting the travel agency with all the necessary arrangements. Having spent RM5,000 on the booking, Azura expressed her frustration, claiming that the agency failed to inform her about the passport renewal requirement.

The agency's lack of guidance resulted in their family being barred from passing through immigration. To their dismay, only Azura's daughter was allowed on the cruise, leaving her other children in tears due to their inability to join the holiday. 

In the video, Azura concluded by expressing her hope for a refund or a rescheduled trip. The video garnered sympathy from many netizens, although some expressed confusion about her lack of awareness regarding passport expiration requirements.

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