Disabled Woman Earns Over RM600k By Selling Products On Livestream



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Disabled Woman Earns Over RM600k By Selling Products On Livestream

By JustineG

For those who are willing to give it a go, being a live streamer profession has developed into a lucrative career option. 


Lily Goh, who has been deaf since childhood is a businesswoman from Singapore, and is known to be a live streamer that promotes skin care products, luxury bags, street fashion, and the BE@RBRICK brand through livestream. She has earned her business over S$200,000 (RM662,976.81) during the last three months.

Daily contact between a deaf and hearing individual is challenging enough as Goh stated. This is due to the fact that a deaf person must rely on lipreading and other visual signals to interpret spoken communication, which frequently occurs at a rapid pace.


Also, a deaf individual might not be familiar with some slang and colloquial terms. Other people, like Goh, could also have trouble being understood because they don't know how to enunciate particular phrases.

Even though it took some time to get accustomed to, Mdada persuaded her to perform using sign language and be herself, which had surprising consequences since she was able to capture the attention of the local deaf population.

At this point, Goh has logged more than 50 hours of live-streaming sessions with Mdada. One of her most meaningful sessions was in collaboration with JOURNEY, a brand under the non-profit charity TOUCH Community Services, representing people with disabilities.


Another career highlight for Goh was Mdada's recent live-streaming visit to Seoul, Korea in November 2022. Goh hosted seven live streams on location at Hyundai Department Store Duty-Free. In just one week, she sold Korean products worth S$70,000 (~RM232,041.88).


In fact, there was a previous viewer who was so impressed that while the BE@RBRICK streaming sale was going on, they bought Goh a BE@RBRICK product as a gift.

It's clear that she's committed to honing her live broadcasting abilities, as she can currently sell ten items in under two hours. She demonstrated in a roundabout way that individuals with impairments can also perform tasks that were formerly deemed to be beyond the scope of their ability.

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