"I'm Shocked At These Claims!" Chef Wan Accused Of Staff Pay Cuts And Restriction On Overtime Claims



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"I'm Shocked At These Claims!" Chef Wan Accused Of Staff Pay Cuts And Restriction On Overtime Claims

By JustineG

Who is telling the truth here? 

Recently, there was a buzz on TikTok about an individual claiming that Chef Wan's restaurant had mistreated its staff by not paying overtime (OT) and reducing their salaries. 


This allegation was later re-shared on platform X by another netizen, garnering widespread attention on social media. However, Chef Wan has come forward to deny these claims and accusations through his Instagram, aiming to avoid any misunderstandings among restaurant patrons and netizens.

Chef Wan clarified that his role in the Chef Wan Restaurant Group is solely related to recipes, menu development, and food quality. Employee-related matters fall under the responsibility of his business partner, Andre, and his team. 


Additionally, Chef Wan has requested an explanation from his business partner and the restaurant's general manager (GM) regarding the accusations of unpaid OT and salaries for the employees in question.

"I have asked my business partner and the GM to clarify if the claims are true because this involves my innocent name. I was informed that the allegations are untrue," stated Chef Wan. 

"It is understood that some restaurant staff were either terminated or had their salaries reduced due to disciplinary issues and dishonesty towards the company.  Some unhappy employees chose to resign."

Chef Wan also revealed that there were incidents of staff conflicts affecting the restaurant's service and food quality. He questioned the necessity for employees to resort to defamation or threats, emphasizing the need for mutual understanding between employers and employees. 

Chef Wan expressed his desire to comprehend both sides of the situation, aiming to identify the root cause and protect his untarnished reputation.

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