“Where Are My Rights As Customer?” Grab Customer Receives Call From Restaurant After Leaving Unsatisfactory Review On The App, Questions Privacy Breach



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“Where Are My Rights As Customer?” Grab Customer Receives Call From Restaurant After Leaving Unsatisfactory Review On The App, Questions Privacy Breach

By peachyunnie

Imagine leaving a review about your food order on Grab and then a while later, said food outlet gives you a call asking about your review. 

But wait.. isn't our identity supposed to be protected? 

Shared via Facebook, a review left by a user on Grab sparks major conversation among netizens with many claiming 'a breach of privacy.'

In the post, a customer warned netizens to leave reviews on Grab at your own risk.

The customer says "I left a review for another restaurant on Grab, later that day, restaurant called my phone number to talk about my review."

Clearly uncomfortable with this situation, the customer then contacts Grab about it, questioning how is it possible for the restaurant to have their number even after the order was completed. 

Unfortunately, Grab was not much of a help and instead blamed the customer, stating that the customer may have provided the number to the eatery instead. 

This response from Grab was definitely not pleasing to the customer, who then decided to warn fellow Grab users. 

"If Grab's system could expose your phone number, what if it also exposes your home address?" 


This led to a discussion among the public, with mixed reactions. 

Many claimed that it is common for food outlets to have a customer's delivery details including phone numbers as they handled the delivery prior.

However, many also claimed that it is only right that they have the details during the delivery but not when the delivery has been completed. 

Some even voiced out a concern on there seems to be no rights as a customer to leave a review. 

"The main issue here are the restaurant call him for review he made, I mean w*f can't be honest? also the grab blame him. It's creepy you know. If we got call each time we leave bad reviews, where is our right as customer"

Grab has not issued any official statement regarding this matter as of yet. 

But let's hear your thoughts!

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