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Cohabitation | Should Young Couples Live Together Before Marriage?

Meiji   |   May 27, 2020, 02:00   |   400

Being a part of the modern generation, people are no longer as conservative as the older ones. We have the freedom to choose our significant other and get along with him or her without following the traditional rules.

Studies have shown that more and more couples are living together before marriage each year. Look at your friends, how many of them have already moved in with their significant other before getting married?

Through social media, I have seen couples around the age of 18 living together. I guess it makes sense if they could afford their bills and be responsible for themselves at such a young age.

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The couple will get to know each other better in a short time and spend the majority of the time together if they live together. I believe that most of the couple that is in the infatuation phase wanted this.

"You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first, would you?", living with your significant other means exposing the 'real' side of yourself to them. Everyone has different living habits.

If you are a neat freak while your significant other is a slob who does not care about cleanliness, you two might get into a fight and eventually break up. All those little detailed habits or things are what matters in a long-run relationship.

Changing your bad habits for a better relationship is important, but tolerating each other is always a better solution. The pros of living together before marriage is that you can make sure that you two can get along with each other after marriage. 

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Looking from a neutral perspective, I can see more cons than pros.

#Hard to keep the excitement and novelty

It is harder for couples that live together to keep the excitement and novelty in their relationship as they face each other in the early morning and at the late-night. There won't be any excitement or nervous feeling of starting a new life with your s.o after marriage because you already did.

If you wish to be the blushing bride, you have to think twice.

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#No surprises on date night

I think the worst thing that could happen is that your s.o no longer put effort to go on a date with you. Wonder why you have not seen your girl dressing up for dating? Wonder why your man no longer makes plans to surprise you? It is because you are just already there.

Do not worry as long as you learn and know how to love, respect, and communicate with your significant other!


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