Netflix Shows That You Definitely Don’t Want to Watch with Your Parents.



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Netflix Shows That You Definitely Don’t Want to Watch with Your Parents.

By MJC97

While there are definitely many good shows on Netflix with compelling storylines, some of the shows definitely have a lot, and I mean A LOT of scenes that will be put you in an awkward situation if you’re watching with your parents. 

Goody to the rescue again, by providing you with a list of NSFW shows on Netflix that are best enjoyed alone, with your earphones on. 

1. Bridgerton

Set during the Regency era in England, this series has drama, love, and A LOT of extensive and unnecessary sex scenes! So, beware! Put on your earphones and close your room door when watching!

2. Tiny Pretty Things

This series takes place in the world of competitive ballet, filled with lies, betrayal, cutthroat competition and of course these ballerina’s need to release some stress. The best way to do that – SEX.

3. Sex Education

Being surrounded by manuals, videos and tediously open conversations about sex, Otis becomes an expert on sex and has to give therapy sessions to his fellow schoolmates, all curious and sexually adventurous teenagers. 

Not only are there loud sex scenes but also unusual sex fantasies that will definitely make it super awkward to watch with anyone else. 

4. Sense 8

Eight strangers around the globe suddenly find themselves connected with each other’s thoughts and actions. This is a thriller that involves them trying to find out why they are connected while a mysterious organization hunts them down! 

Of course, for some reason, this series is filled with sex scenes and even some involving gang bangs, so definitely not the right choice to bring home to your parents. 


5. Elite

Weird how most of the series on this list involve shows set in high school kan? This is another show that set in a high school with some seriously horny teens and uncensored sex scenes. 

6. Bonding

Let’s face it, this is not a story about a young girl finally creating and everlasting bond with the love of her life. It is about a grad student in New York City who moonlights as a dominatrix. 

It shows a lot of weird sexual fetishes that people have involving tickling, dress up, and I think you should watch it to find out more. But just watch it on your own with your headphones on la, don’t get anyone else involved k?

7. Spartacus

A Thracian man is condemned to a brutal death in the arena, only to outlast his executioners and be reborn as the enslaved gladiator Spartacus.

Set in ancient Rome, this tv show has action, has drama and has full nudity so, imagine watching it with your parents. Euw OMG Stop, NO. 

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