DISCLOSED : A father reveals the 【True Colours】of Tom Holland and Zendaya on His IG Post



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DISCLOSED : A father reveals the 【True Colours】of Tom Holland and Zendaya on His IG Post


We know how celebrities' personality could be so different during on screen and off screen. Some look like a perfect human in front of a camera, but in real life, they could have an awful personality.

Robert Walker, father of Bridger Walker, who became famous for his brave act of saving his little sister from an attacking dog, posted a series of photos and short videos on Instagram detailing his children visiting the【Spider-Man: No Way Home】set to meet with Tom Holland and Zendaya.

Tom Holland made a promise with Bridger that he gets to visit the Spider-Man shooting set a year ago after the little boy's story became viral for saving his little sister. 

Robert expressed his concern of bringing his toddlers to meet with celebrities, because he was afraid that they might behave differently off-screen and that might bring negative impact to his children. However, things turned out to be more than happy for him. Tom and Zendaya were indeed very nice and friendly in person. 

"When we first arrived on set, I was a little apprehensive that once the curtain was pulled back that the magic of the movies would be lost for the kids. The opposite was true!" said Robert in his IG post. "They dont just act the part of friendly neighborhood heroes - thats what they truly are.“

During the day on set, Holland did a web-swing with Bridger and taught him how to properly pose as Spider-Man. "It was emotional to see him (Tom Holland) waive at the kids like he was the one that was supposed to be excited - not the other way around.” he wrote. 

"I will never forget the grace and kindness they showed our children. Zendaya immediately approached my teenage daughter and told her how much she loved her nails. I dont know if she will ever know how much that simple act means to me - to see my sweet daughter light up with self-confidence and joy."

The father even praised Tom Holland's brother, Harry Holland, for his kind and humble act of bringing him and the family to visit the set. "...and all I can say is his parents (@dommoholland and @nikkihollandphotography) must be so proud. Such a gentleman and genuinely good person. I cannot imagine there are more humble and gracious young men in all of Hollywood than the Holland boys."

And so it seems like there are, still, genuinely kind and nice celebrities, despite so many news and scandals we had seen in the past.

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