Typical 'Mak Cik Bawang' Questions & How To Answer Them With Style This Raya



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Typical 'Mak Cik Bawang' Questions & How To Answer Them With Style This Raya

By MJC97

As Raya approaches, our excitement is mixed in with a little bit of dread knowing that when we balik kampung, we will once again have to come face-to-face with all our Mak Cik Bawangs from our kampung after 2 years of successfully avoiding them thanks to COVID-19.

Trust me, these mak ciks have been preparing since the government announced that there will be lesser restrictions. They have their guns loaded and you are only now going out and buying your bulletproof vest, so clearly you are very behind when it comes to your battle strategy. 

So, to help you out a little here are some of the common questions asked by Mak Cik Bawangs and how you can answer them respectfully or sarcastically but still with style this Raya:

#1 Got Bf/Gf Already? / When are you getting married? 


Respectful Answer: Life, death, love, and marriage are all in God's hands. We should not question Him. So for now, I will work hard and take care of my parents until God decides the time is right for me to meet my spouse. 

Sarcastic Answer: 

Marriage: Oh ya, in December but you're not invited that's why you probably didn't know. 

BF/GF: Hmm, Mak Cik's husband looking for madu or not?

#2 Already married for a year and still no kids? When are you planning on having them? 


Respectful Answer: Kids are blessings from God, so when he decides to give me some, then I will have them. In the meantime, Mak Cik can pray and ask God to give me children. 

Sarcastic Answer: We will be trying tonight Mak Cik, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. 

#3 Wah, so fat already ah you! 


Respectful Answer: Mak Cik, it's not good to judge people, leave the judging to God for only He is perfect. 

Sarcastic Answer: Yeah, I have been eating a lot...

#4 Still not working ah you? 


Respectful Answer: No Mak Cik, so if you hear about any opportunities, please inform me. 

Sarcastic Answer: Yup, still living with my parent's money. Why? Do you want to give some duit raya

#5 Why are you so thin?


Respectful Answer: I'm on a diet, Mak Cik. I'm trying to look for a husband...

Sarcastic Answer: No money to buy food, Mak Cik. I see you've got a lot of money to buy food, maybe sponsor me a little la...

#6 How much is your salary?


Respectful Answer: Enough to make my parents happy. 

Sarcastic Answer: Enough to have 4 wives/husbands. 

#7 What are your plans after you finish studying?


Respectful Answer: With God's grace, get a good job and take care of my parents. 

Sarcastic Answer: I'll use my parent's money to continue studying until PhD. 

What are other questions Mak Cik Bawangs normally ask? Leave them in the comments sections so that others can share possible responses to help you get ready for the battle that comes on Raya day!

Mak Cik Bawang Mak Cik Bawang Questions raya Raya 2022


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