SIRIM Stamp For A Fruit? Musang King To Get Proper Qualification To Avoid Overpricing



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SIRIM Stamp For A Fruit? Musang King To Get Proper Qualification To Avoid Overpricing


As unprecedented as it may sound, it is entirely true. Musang King, deemed one of the most expensive and sought-after variations of durian, is getting a SIRIM (The Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) qualification.  


“This certification can ensure prices depending on durian grade and ensure that the Musang King will not be sold at an unreasonable price," said the Perak state Sirim Berhad director Mohd Adzhar Ahmad. 

He also added that for that particular purpose, they are currently teaming up with the Perak State Agriculture Department and the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) to establish specific and proper standards for the accreditation, which is expected to be implemented before the year ends.  

Musang King entrepreneurs will also likely be given proper initiatives to ensure that the quality of their harvest can be further improved and standardized. 

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Source: The Star

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