Human Traffickers Targeting Women In Kelantan For Phony Marriages Arrested



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Human Traffickers Targeting Women In Kelantan For Phony Marriages Arrested

By JustineG

Local authorities have successfully dismantled a human trafficking syndicate at the border of Kelantan, leading to the apprehension of cunning Pakistani men who targeted local women to become their wives. According to Buletin Utama, the suspects actively smuggled Pakistani nationals into the country for illegal employment and specifically aimed to marry local women. They were arrested alongside seven of their compatriots during the operation known as Op Gelombang IV, conducted at various locations in Kelantan.

"The syndicate's modus operandi involved smuggling undocumented Pakistani immigrants who arrived in Thailand by plane. Subsequently, they were illicitly transported through unauthorized routes across the Malaysia-Thailand border, charging each individual between RM6,000 to RM7,000," stated the Director-General of Immigration, Datuk Ruslin Jusoh.

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