"It's Becoming A Trend!!" Netizens Disgusted With Local TV Dramas Promoting Soft Porn



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"It's Becoming A Trend!!" Netizens Disgusted With Local TV Dramas Promoting Soft Porn

By JustineG

We live in a world where we are used to Western movies often feature explicit scenes, it comes as an unexpected twist to find our local production house and homegrown actors venturing into similar territories on screen. The surprise lies not in the presence of explicit content but in the fact that our own familiar faces are partaking in such scenes.

Netizens, unreservedly sharing their viewpoints, are voicing concerns about the appropriateness and discomfort associated with witnessing popular actors from the local scene endorsing content that edges towards what is commonly referred to as soft porn. 

This shift in tone within the local entertainment industry has sparked conversations and discussions among the online community, raising questions about the boundaries and choices made by both production houses and actors in portraying intimate scenes on screen. 


The juxtaposition of accustomed narratives with the unexpected inclusion of explicit content by local figures has prompted reflection and critique within the online sphere.

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