K-Pop Pt. 1 | Hidden Idol-Inspired IG Filters You’ll Love



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K-Pop Pt. 1 | Hidden Idol-Inspired IG Filters You’ll Love

By m7py

Want to look like you just stepped out from your favourite K-Pop MV? Get these adorable filters & you'll look like BlackPink's Lisa or Twice's Tzuyu! Just tap on the keywords.

1- BlackPink 

Still jamming to 'Ice Cream' & 'How You Like That'? Try these super-cute filters inspired from the MVs by kimberlyeguico. 

Source: Instagram

- lisa's ice cream

- rosé's ice cream

- jisoo's ice cream

- jennie's ice cream


- jisoo's

- jennie's

Get these cool ones too!

- Blackpink by _dee.u

- How You Like That BP by _jaryann

- BLACKPINK The Album by sokkunearythan

- BLACKPINK PLAYBACK by zaahrahanifaa

2- BTS

If you're missing the boys while they're on a break, these dope filters will make your day!

Source: Instagram

- Dynamite 2 by kimberlyeguico

- BTS SHADOW LIKE ME by juliataskaeva

- Koya by yeebeme

- BTS BT21 RJ 2 by touristechinois

- BTS-ARMY by james.gh1

3- Twice

Now, you can look as cute as your Teudoongie girls!

Source: Instagram

- Twice Blush On by kinanthyandini

- twice by yui19990427

- i stand twice by irensilvajps

- Twice Candybong Z by wibifirmansyah

- Twice Lovely Blush by beamaruyama

- Twice by d_tamanh_

- Twice-Once by agnestesia26


4- EXO

Root on for the boys' 2021 comeback with your cool EXO-filled stories!

Source: Instagram

- Kawaii EXO Crown by ir.exo

- Exo by foodbestie

- exo tatts by kokoro_kji

- EXO Fill by dhilaprilia

- BAEKHYUN EXO by wiyaahibrahim

- we are one by niningxx

- D O E X O (@doitchu_do) by sarahmichelledominique

 exo's gf by whrannnn

- EXO Obsession by ravvcorn413

- EXO Chibi by rickyjoeya

5- NCT 

Get noticed by the NCT boys on IG with these cool filters!

Source: Instagram

- NCTzens by jjxsrnd

- nct johnny by honeybunnysweetea

- NCTZEN by ouhstuff

- nctzen by niningxx

- I'm NCTzen1 by naynay.k_

- Nctzen crown by bellayanvival

Check out Pt.2 for more cute filters, inspired from your favourite IKON, Seventeen, more BTS & others!

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