Stall Owner Refuses To Raise Prices, Still Sells Chicken Rice For RM3.60 So Everyone Can Afford To Eat



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Stall Owner Refuses To Raise Prices, Still Sells Chicken Rice For RM3.60 So Everyone Can Afford To Eat

By Ayunie

Malaysians are now bearing the ugly cost of inflation with many forced to watch their pennies and hope to god they survive just enough before their next pay check.  

Similarly, food vendors have also been compelled to increase food prices, putting them at danger of losing customers who may no longer be able to afford what was once an affordable meal. 

One chicken rice vendor in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, on the other hand, refused to put financial strain on his customers and has decided to keep his menu inexpensive for anyone to enjoy without tearing their wallet. 

Chen Xian Kai adamant on keeping his chicken rice affordable at RM3.60  

Chen Xian Kai (hanyu pinyin), the proprietor of Ji De Lai Hainan Chicken Rice stated that he decided to sell each packet of chicken rice for RM3.60 simply because he refused to put customers in further financial hardship, as reported by Sin Chew Daily. 

"I continue to sell chicken rice for RM3.60 even though the cost of chicken has climbed up by 7 to 8 times because I'd rather make less money than see people go hungry," the man remarked.

The government's announcement to end chicken subsidies two weeks earlier, Chen continued, had a negative impact on his company.  

"Customers believed I would be raising the price after the announcement, which caused my revenue to decline by 20%. However, things began to return to normal once I told them I wouldn't be doing that.

As if that's not enough generosity, Chen additionally distributes 100 to 150 packages of chicken rice to low-income people every two to three months. 

Alas, the common people seem to have more empathy than those in power. Would you do the same, if you were in his position? Share with us your thought in the comment section!

Source: Sin Chew Daily

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