Just So You Know, Here Are 15 Ways To Love Someone Right



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Just So You Know, Here Are 15 Ways To Love Someone Right

By ellephant

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love, that's where it gets a little tricky. 

It's a big responsibility waking up everyday and choosing to be in love with a person. 

However, it is not impossible in any sense, especially if your heart is in it. 

Here are 16 ways you could try out, as means to love better. 


1. Always be honest

2. Be patient with them

3. Meet them halfway

4. Look at their infinite beauty

5. Learn to trust them

6. Give them attention

7. Accept them, don't judge

8. Understand and forgive


9. Shelter them

10. Show up and be there for them, always

11. Develop a connection: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual 

12. Respect their point of view

13. Understand their perspectives/opinions

14. Don't hold yourself superior

15. Want for them what they want, even if it's different than what you want

16. Support them on their journey to self-growth


Of course, do be sure you look out for the red flags as well. Be open with your heart, but don't be naive. 

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