This New Social App Lets You Live With Your Friends In The Metaverse



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This New Social App Lets You Live With Your Friends In The Metaverse

2 Weeks ago
By Grace Sundram

You must have been curious about the cute avatars that your pals have been sharing over the last several days.

Forget about the other simulation worlds you've lived in; in Bondee's Metaverse, not only can you create your own avatar and living space, but the virtual "you" may also interact with your actual pals there.

In order to explain it simply, Bondee is a metaverse social networking programme that enables you to communicate with your friends using avatars. It was only released last week by the Singapore-based startup Metadream.

@kailuvzsx not really a game but you could interact with your friends w this <3 #bondee #fyp # i must apologize -

You might make the comparison to The Sims, but it isn't accurate because you'll be playing with actual friends here.

Plus, if you've always been worried about becoming seasick, virtually "you" can finally sail or should I say, "float" through the ocean, all on your own.

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Grace Sundram

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