Netizens Enraged As Touch 'n Go eWallet App Crashes



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Netizens Enraged As Touch 'n Go eWallet App Crashes

2 Weeks ago

Touch 'n Go eWallet users are currently facing login difficulties, as reports flood social media platforms. Complaints began surfacing at around 10:30 am, causing the issue to quickly become a trending topic on social media. Some netizens took to Twitter to express their frustration, stating that they couldn't access their accounts.

According to reports, when they clicked on the application, they were prompted with the message "login status has expired, please log in again".

Angry netizens even flocked to the first post on TNG's official Facebook page, demanding an explanation.

Some have complained that they had just loaded RM3,000, but now they cannot log in.

However, as of now, TNG has not yet officially responded to the incident.

More updates are expected to follow.

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