Poll: Anwar Most Suitable to be Prime Minister, followed by Muhyiddin



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Poll: Anwar Most Suitable to be Prime Minister, followed by Muhyiddin


According to a survey conducted by the Endeavour-MGC Research Center, Datuk Seri Anwar, the president of Pakatan Harapan, is currently the most suitable candidate for the position of Prime Minister in Malaysia.

The survey conducted by Endeavor-MGC involved a total of 1,068 respondents from various ethnicities, including 791 randomly selected Malay respondents.


The survey revealed that 46% of the respondents from various ethnicities and 32% of the Malay respondents unanimously favored Anwar as the ideal candidate to lead the country as Prime Minister.

The second choice was former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin, with 25% of the Malay respondents and 17% of respondents from other ethnicities considering him suitable for the role.

Following closely behind were former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob and former Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who received 6% of the support from respondents of various ethnicities. Among the Malay respondents, Ismail Sabri received 9% support, while 8% supported Khairy.


Pakatan Harapan Vs. Perikatan Nasional

The survey also included a hypothetical question about which political party would win if a nationwide general election were held tomorrow. 39% of respondents from various ethnicities chose Pakatan Harapan, while Barisan Nasional received 18% and Perikatan Nasional garnered only 17% of the support.

However, among Malay respondents, if a general election were to take place tomorrow, Perikatan Nasional would lead with 26% of the Malay votes, followed by Barisan Nasional with 24%, and Pakatan Harapan in third place with 20% of the support.


Top concern for voters: Religious issues

When it comes to voting for a political party, respondents considered various important factors, with religious issues ranking first, comprising 30% of the Malay respondents and 22% of respondents from other ethnicities.

The candidates themselves were the second most important factor for Malay respondents, with 27% of respondents from various ethnicities considering candidate factors to be significant.


Furthermore, the survey revealed that 53% of respondents from various ethnicities expressed satisfaction with the unity government led by Anwar, with a significant proportion of 44% from various ethnicities and 39% of Malay respondents showing support for the unity government formed by Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional.

45% of Malay respondents expressed satisfaction with the current political stability, while only 8% of respondents from various ethnicities and 4% of Malay respondents stated that they were very satisfied with the current political stability.

Regarding anti-corruption efforts, 48% of respondents from various ethnicities and Malay respondents expressed satisfaction.


In terms of religious issues, 64% of respondents from various ethnicities expressed satisfaction, with 10% stating they were very satisfied, 17% expressing dissatisfaction, 5% expressing strong dissatisfaction, and the remaining 4% indicating uncertainty. Among Malay respondents, 57% expressed satisfaction with religious issues, 8% expressed strong satisfaction, 24% expressed dissatisfaction, 7% expressed strong dissatisfaction, and 4% were uncertain.

View On Current Government

The survey also found that both respondents from various ethnicities (49%) and Malay respondents (47%) expressed satisfaction with the overall performance of the unity government regarding climate change and environmental issues.

The survey was conducted from April 4 to April 18 and had a margin of error between 3% to 3.5% based on the registered voter population in Peninsular Malaysia as of June 2022.


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