Local Man Suggests Madam Kwan's Restaurant To Stop Selling Alcohol After Discovering Its Non-Halal Status



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Local Man Suggests Madam Kwan's Restaurant To Stop Selling Alcohol After Discovering Its Non-Halal Status

By JustineG

Certainly, there is no shortage of delectable eateries in Malaysia that tempt the taste buds of many. Yet, the query regarding the halal status has always lingered at the back of the minds of the Muslim community. Recently, a Malaysian individual took to social media to express his concern after discovering that the renowned eatery Madam Kwan was serving alcohol.

Subsequently, after his post gained traction, a representative from the eatery reached out to clarify matters. They disclosed that while they don't possess a halal certificate, most of their ingredients are sourced from halal suppliers. Despite this, their provision of alcoholic beverages prevents them from obtaining a halal certification. They emphasized their strict protocols to prevent any cross-contamination.


Prior to this clarification, the man had suggested that the restaurant refrain from serving alcohol, particularly in their outlets situated within predominantly Malay areas, considering their significant Muslim patronage. Netizens had varying reactions to the issue. Some commended him for shedding light on the matter, while others argued that customers should bear the responsibility of being aware of where they dine. Many pointed out that the name "Madam Kwan" itself should have been a clue to its non-halal status.


Furthermore, there are other popular eateries such as TGIF and Chilis that serve alcohol, whereas others like Kyochon and Tony Romas have acquired the halal certification. Despite the importance of knowing the halal status of eateries, some netizens warned against mindlessly imitating other Muslim diners in non-halal restaurants, suggesting that they might be unaware of the establishment's status.


It's essential to note that acquiring a halal certification is a rigorous and time-consuming process. Therefore, it is advisable for individuals to inquire about a restaurant's halal status before dining there. 

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