WATCH: Eldest Son Filmed Brutally Abusing Disabled Mother While His Wife Recorded The Horrific Abuse



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WATCH: Eldest Son Filmed Brutally Abusing Disabled Mother While His Wife Recorded The Horrific Abuse

1 Week ago
By storyteller24

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How could someone do this?!

On May 10th, a tragic incident of elder abuse occurred at Kota Pekan Baru, Riau. 

An eldest son was filmed mercilessly abusing his paralyzed 74-year-old mother, Sufni, in a video recorded by his 51-year-old wife. 

In the disturbing video, Sufni, who was lying on the floor, is seen being dragged without mercy by her son. 

Despite her attempts to fend off the abuse with her hands, the son continues to slap her on the cheek repeatedly. 

Upon becoming aware of the video, the police launched an immediate investigation. 

Sufni disclosed to the authorities that she had been subjected to severe abuse, which left her traumatized with visible bruises and wounds. 

The police investigation revealed that both the son and his wife had repeatedly committed these cruel acts while Sufni was at home. 

Both perpetrators have admitted to their actions and are now facing legal consequences. 

Sufni has received medical treatment at the hospital for her injuries. 

She is currently under the care of her second child, Ardi, at his residence on Jalan Nelayan, Pekanbaru, where she is being provided with the necessary support and care. 

The abuse of Sufni has prompted widespread outrage, highlighting the need to protect vulnerable individuals in society. 

What are your thoughts on this incident? 

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