9 Idioms to Make Your Conversations More Colorful!



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9 Idioms to Make Your Conversations More Colorful!

By xweienx

Whether you're taking your SPM English in a few months, or have already been working for decades, the learning never stops. Today, we'll look at some colourful (literally) idioms that'll actually make you sound more atas! We've also included some particularly relatable examples on how to use them!

1. Out of the blue.

What does it mean:

Suddenly without any warning, random or surprising.

How to use it:

"The prime minister's resignation came out of the blue!"


2. Green light.

What does it mean:

To allow or give permission, give the go-ahead.

How to use it:

"The government gave the green light for dining in, I don't think it's a good idea."


3. Golden opportunity.

What does it mean:

A precious chance that doesn't appear often.

How to use it:

"Ismail Sabri has gotten the golden opportunity to become the prime minister."


4. Gray area

What does it mean:

Something undefined or unclear, not entirely wrong but not entirely right.

How to use it:

"Whether we can cross districts during the MCO is a gray area. It's not wrong if you don't get caught, I guess."


5. In the red

What does it mean:

Poor financial situation, owing money, making losses.

How to use it:

"Due to the extended duration of the pandemic, our country's economy is in the red."


6. White lie

What does it mean:

A small, unharmful lie told to avoid hurting someone's feelings.

How to use it:

"I didn't want to offend her, so I told her a white lie and said her new mask looks pretty."


7. Black sheep

What does it mean:

Odd one out, different from the others.

How to use it:

"Tommy is the black sheep in the family because he became a singer in a family full of doctors."


8. Green thumb

What does it mean:

Very good at gardening or growing plants.

How to use it:

"After such a long lockdown staying at home and working on our garden, I think my dad now has a green thumb.


9. True Colors

What does it mean:

A person's real personality or character, usually negative.

How to use it:

"This pandemic showed the true colors of many people, how some people are unwilling to help others in times of need."


So, there you have it. Remember to slot these into your conversations and you'll start surprising people with your "atas" English!

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