We "Test Drove" The All-New Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Is It The Best Wireless Earphone Yet? Here's What We Think:



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We "Test Drove" The All-New Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Is It The Best Wireless Earphone Yet? Here's What We Think:


Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro has come out looking more svelte and aesthetically more sleek than its previous predecessor, and with upgraded performance too. But is it worth the RM899 price tag? Let's find out. 


What we really think about the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro:

+ They've nailed the comfort aspect of the design


Compared to the previous model, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro sport a much comfier fit thanks to the buds' new designs, engineered to fit your ears with just the right snug. Although, this could come across as a choking hazard to some, especially if you're dealing with pets or toddlers. Other than that, we appreciate the unique shape of the buds as it does not feel like they're going to fall out when you wear them, despite their size. 

That being said, some wireless earbuds could feel sore after some time, but Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro remains comfortably in the ears after hours of listening to music, which we also appreciate. 

+ Sufficiently good sound quality


One of the coolest things about Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro has got to be its voice detection feature where once it detects that you're talking, it activates ambient mode and reduces the volume of whatever you're listening to. The sound settings then return to their original configuration ten seconds after the earphones stop detecting your speech.

Samsung equipped the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with 24-bit Hi-Fi audio, but you'll also need an audio source or streaming service that supports 24-bit Hi-Fi. (I do not have access to such streaming service sadly, so we couldn't test this out). As for its noise cancellation feature, We'd say it works pretty well as once these buds were in, we could only hear the music I was playing and nothing much else. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro also offers 360 Audio, which works in a similar way as the Spatial Audio feature on Airpods. Although, this feature isn't turned on by default and you'd need to manually enable it through the Galaxy Wearable app. 

Some audio key features only exclusively work on Samsung devices, however, so if you're using a non-Samsung device (especially iOS) you probably wouldn't be able to fully experience its features in its full spectrum.

+ Worth the high price tag, if you're already a Samsung user


To date, this is the most premium wireless earbuds yet that Samsung has released, hence the price. If you're already in the Samsung ecosystem, buying this would be a perfect addition to your collection if you're looking for wireless earbuds that perform well. If you own an iPhone for example, then spending that much on wireless earbuds that you can't wholly enjoy the features off would be rather pointless. 

The Verdict:

The good:

- Upgraded design with much more comfortable fit

- Waterproof

- Excellent sound quality

The bad:

- Some of the features are only exclusive to Samsung devices

- Battery life could be improved


The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro undeniably wins the aesthetic department, and its incredible comfort fit is simply icing on the cake. If you're a Samsung user looking for a premium wireless earbuds that check all the lists, then this one is definitely worth going for. If budget is of your concerns, then their more affordable predecessors are more than good enough as well. 

Would you purchase on for yourself? Share with us your thoughts!

samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Galaxy Buds wireless earphones voice detection feature 24-bit Hi-Fi audio 360 Audio


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