Scientists In China May Have Created A Supplement To Prevent Hangovers



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Scientists In China May Have Created A Supplement To Prevent Hangovers

By ellephant

Alcohol is just great, and a night out with your besties, life really couldn't get any better.

But, then the next day comes, and that hangover, well no one really looks forward to that bit.  

Fortunately though, there may just yet be a cure to the morning after. 

Based on reports, scientists in China could have created a probiotic to prevent hangovers altogether. 

Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Zoology engineered a bacterium called lactococcus lactis, encapsulated it in a probiotic and tried it out on mice.  

Just 20 minutes after alcohol exposure, the group of untreated mice displayed signs of drunkenness, such as failing to get back on their feet after being placed on their backs.

On the other hand, half of the mice that received the probiotic managed to turn themselves over after an hour.

Meanwhile, a quarter of those that were treated did not have a problem getting back on their feet at all.  

Additional tests showed that blood alcohol levels in the untreated group continued to rise, while those in the treated group began to fall. 

The lower levels of alcohol suggested lower chances of liver & intestine damage, as well as a cure to liver diseases, when expanded.  

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