[TW] WATCH: Young Boy Subjected To Physical Abuse By Parents, Bears Scars All Over Body After Being Caned



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[TW] WATCH: Young Boy Subjected To Physical Abuse By Parents, Bears Scars All Over Body After Being Caned

By JustineG

This young boy endured physical abuse inflicted by his parents, which came to light when his teachers noticed concerning signs and encouraged him to share his ordeal. He recounted how his mother had punched him in the eye, and upon his father's return from work in Melaka, a heated altercation ensued between his parents. In a fit of anger, his father grabbed and threw him during the argument.

When the teachers inquired about the marks on his arms and body, the boy sadly revealed that they were the result of being struck with a rattan cane by his parents. He confirmed that this punishment had occurred during the school holidays. Additionally, he admitted to falsely confessing to stealing food due to hunger. His mouth had been injured after consuming salt, rice, chilli, and black pepper powder, which caused discomfort and soreness.

In an effort to escape the abusive environment at home, he managed to lock his mother in the kitchen and flee as he couldn't endure the ongoing abuse. Regrettably, he left his younger sibling behind. Towards the end of the video, when the teachers asked if he wanted more bread to eat, he sadly expressed his desire for more. Further details will be reported as they become available.

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