WATCH: “It Has A Mummy Too!” Cute Little Girl Tells Dad Not To Kill Mosquitoes



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WATCH: “It Has A Mummy Too!” Cute Little Girl Tells Dad Not To Kill Mosquitoes

By sleepingbeauty

Dealing with mosquitoes is a daily struggle, but for one little girl in Sabah, it's not as simple as it seems. The 3-year-old recently stood up for a mosquito when her father attempted to kill it. When her dad explained the necessity of getting rid of the mosquito to prevent painful bites, she responded, "You can't kill it because it has a mommy too! It also has a younger sibling and an older sister!"

Despite her dad's explanation, she firmly insisted that he was deliberately targeting the mosquito, leading to a humorous exchange. He apologized and promised not to harm another mosquito, and she playfully forgave him. Netizens couldn't help but chuckle at this adorable interaction between father and daughter, a reminder of the innocence of children.

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