WATCH : An Experiment Leads Woman To Harvest 3KG Of Rice In Her Own Home.



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WATCH : An Experiment Leads Woman To Harvest 3KG Of Rice In Her Own Home.

By Nick Dorian

Harvesting your own vegetables and fruits in your own backyard is no uncommon feat. It's become a much more environmentally friendly way to gather your own household supplies and provides a sense of self fulfillment growing your own groceries. However, a small experiment has amazed netizens and realized that when there is a will, there truly is a way.

Taking to Facebook, Content Creator Siti Aai Shah posted a video documenting her journey at attempting to grow her own rice in her own home. Over the span of 110 days, she proved that it can be done with the right tools and strategy.

After purchasing the paddy seeds online, she began growing them inside 50 large hole-less plant pots. Keeping them in her greenhouse to grow, she stated that during the process, she didn't use any pesticides on the plants, ensuring that they grow healthily and naturally.

By the 70th day, the plants began showing signs of maturity, eventually sprouting the rice pods. Once the 110th day arrived, she began harvesting and was able to obtain 4.8kg of the plants. After separating and husking the crops, she was left with 3kg of the rice grains.

This incredible feat was undoubtably applauded by the public and her gardening efforts even caught the attention of Tengku Ampuan of Pahang, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah.

During a livestreaming session on Siti's TikTok page, she came across direct messages from Tunku Azizah, asking numerous questions on her process as well as inquiring about the materials she had used to grow the rice plants.

Understanding the immense attention and curiosity she had been getting from this experiment, she posted another video on her Facebook page, answering some of those questions. 

After the massive success of this venture, Siti has now announced that she plans to move further from rice and begin cultivating fragrant rice, as also perhaps wheat and sorghum.

(Credit : Facebook, The Sun)

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