【Entertainment】WATCH: #KancilGhost Trends On TikTok, And It’s Something You Have To See To Believe



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WATCH: #KancilGhost Trends On TikTok, And It’s Something You Have To See To Believe

A.   |   Apr 22, 2021, 16:59   |   74

If you’ve been scrolling through your FYP (For You Page) on TikTok, chances are you’ve probably seen videos of a severely destroyed Kancil circulating around the platform. Apparently, Malaysians are so invested in the matter that a hashtag was created just for it. The hashtag #KancilGhost on Tiktok currently garners 3.4M views. 

Looking at the state of the vehicle, one might think, "How in the world is it still working?"




According to local reports, The man behind the vehicle once pursued tertiary education in Singapore and is capable of speaking fluent English. Some Malaysians claimed he might be a government spy and is intentionally making himself look "unsuspicious" by driving a worn-out car, although that seems highly unlikely. 

The car was once seized in the past by the authorities for it could pose potential harm to himself and other road users. However, seeing how his beloved Kancil has once again gone viral, we're guessing he's back on his wheels. 


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