We Just Watched 20th Century Girl & Here's Why You Should Too



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We Just Watched 20th Century Girl & Here's Why You Should Too

By ellephant

Netflix's latest is a Korean romcom movie called '20th Century Girl', and it has been trending since its release. 

Sucker for what's hot and not forgetting our crippling FOMO, we hopped on the bandwagon and got ourselves all caught up. 

Listing down our top 4 reasons why you too should watch the movie, scroll below and then tune in!


#4 It's a romcom

If there is one thing which never gets old no matter the storyline, it is a romcom. There is no possible way one goes wrong with lighthearted love and laughter. 

#3 It has a cute story line

We sat and gushed from ear to ear, so we're almost certain you would too. The cutest love gestures, heart eyes and wholesome smiles, you'd temporarily be on cloud nine. 


#2 Such visuals it's unreal

Eye candy is always a great reason to watch something. From stunning leads, to picturesque settings and gorgeous cinematography, it reels you right in. 

#1 A storyline with all them feels

Making you go 'aww', 'oh my god', squealing and tearing, you'd definitely be getting all the emotions wrapped in one. 


Light-hearted, super cute and realistic, catch '20th Century Girl' on Netflix, showing now. 

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