3 Reminders to Lift Your Spirits Amidst This Pandemic



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3 Reminders to Lift Your Spirits Amidst This Pandemic

By ellephant

Upon taking lives of so many, this pandemic's second big hit has to be our minds. 

Since consuming earth in 2020, Covid-19 has left so much of wreckage in its wake, including but not limited to the happiness and peace of so many. Hours, days, weeks, months and now years, things have only gotten worse. 


In times such as these, it is crucial we remember the important things, at least as a means to go on. 

#1 To grow


By whatever means necessary, we need to find ways to grow during this difficult time. Whether it's mentally, emotionally or spiritually, cultivating different activities so that we expand as individuals, is the best thing we can do, now so more than ever. 

We have to be the best version of ourselves, for ourselves. 

#2 To fight


Sometimes, no matter how trying life gets, the true measure of strength is fighting with everything we've got. Giving up is easy, everyone does it. It is the will to continue to go on despite all odds, that is difficult. 

So fight with all your might. 

#3 To believe


We are but small specks in the vast universe, so there must be a reason for all this calamity. No matter what the reasons are, or even if they do exists in the first place, we need to be beings of faith. Whether it's religion, spirituality or just the mere concept of hope. 

It is only with darkness can light be appreciated. 


They may be trivial aspects, common sense even. But with everything going today, it is important to constantly tell each other these things, because though it may seem like we already know it, so many times we may just need a reminder. 

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