7 Google Doc Features That You Should Definitely Know About Today!



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7 Google Doc Features That You Should Definitely Know About Today!

By ellephant

Are you a frequent google docs user?

If so, do you know all there is to know about the platform? We came across the 7 tips to maximize its usage, and we thought we'd share. 

Scroll below to read through the 7 Google Docs features you just need to know about, especially if you intend to make your work-life a WHOLE LOT easier. 

1. Pageless

- Click 'File'

- Go to 'Page Setup'

- Toggle 'on' for Pageless

In a non-print era, this is a much cleaner look. 


2. Emoji React

- Select where you'd like to react

- Click 'Insert'

- Choose emoji reaction

Now you don't have to go so far as to leave a comment. 

3. Watermark

- Click 'Insert'

- Pick 'Watermark'

- Choose between image or text

Do note this can only be done if the document ISN'T pageless. 


4. Compare

- Click 'Tools'

- Choose 'Compare Documents'

- Go to the document you'd like to compare with

- Open your new comparison document with changes shown

Now you can see what are the differences. 

5. Bookmark

- Click 'Insert'

- Choose 'Bookmark'

- Pick the copy icon to get the URL for the bookmark


6. Add a summary to your outline

- Click 'View'

- Pick 'Show Outline'

- At the top of the outline, choose 'Add Summary'

- Type, then press enter to save

This is so people get a rough idea what the document entails.

7. Adding anything you'd like

- Type '@'

- Insert whatever

Now there's shortcuts wherever you'd like them to be


Easy peasy right? Try them out!

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