WATCH: A Brother Tries To Reunite With Sibling In This Tear-Jerking Video



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WATCH: A Brother Tries To Reunite With Sibling In This Tear-Jerking Video

2 Weeks ago
By Grace Sundram

The Malay proverb "air yang dicincang tidak akan putus" is often used to describe relationships between siblings and other family members.

The finest example is presented in this video that's going viral on social media.

As they watched the two brothers reunite after going for a long period of time without speaking, many netizens felt their heart was breaking for them.

In a video shared by Intan Norumira, it is believed that her father has not spoken to her uncle for a long time.

A man tries to feed his brother food in the video, but the gesture is dismissed.

But, you can see the man's brother finally allowed him to be fed after being convinced by the rest of the family and brought them both into an embrace. At this point, tears started to flow.

Everyone in the family was crying, so it was clearly a sight for sore eyes, especially for them.

"Alhamdulilah...after a long time of not speaking because there of a misunderstanding. Finally, the relationship is back to the way it was before..thank you, uncle, aunt, and cousin, all who have worked together to restore the relationship with Cik Amil...We love you all."

This fantastic occasion for the family is believed to have taken place on Intan's Family Day, which brought everyone together.

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Grace Sundram

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