This Man Proved Restaurant Was Closed But Food Delivery Customer Service Still Made Him Wait



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This Man Proved Restaurant Was Closed But Food Delivery Customer Service Still Made Him Wait

By GraceSundram

After a long day at work, most of us would most likely choose to order in and have dinner in the comfort of our homes. 

While it would be reasonable to assume that the food would be delivered on time, this man named Mervyn checked after waiting for 30 minutes and discovered that the restaurant he had ordered from had already closed, despite the fact that the food delivery app still indicated that his order was still being prepared.

Mervyn contacted customer service as we all would have done and asked them to cancel his order and refund his money.

He was shocked to learn that they had given the same response as the app had shown, "Preparing your meal," and that he was going to receive his meal at 11 p.m.

Mervyn had ordered something else while waiting for his food to come and had that for dinner in the meantime.

Yet the delivery of his initial order had not yet arrived.

He then got in touch with customer service once more to ask for a cancellation, but they responded the same way.

In order to show the customer service agent that the restaurant had already closed, he went down to the restaurant personally rather than waiting for his order.

The agent was insistent in giving their standard automated responses, which said that the restaurant could be closed for further orders even after receiving photographic evidence that it was closed. 

For more evidence that the restaurant was closed and no one was working, he then snapped a picture right in front of the restaurant's doorstep. However, this only resulted in receiving more automated responses.

Several others expressed their sympathy for his situation and shared their own similar experiences with the specific food delivery platform when he shared his story on a Facebook group. 

You would be somewhat upset too if you had to wait three hours for your food and even chose to drive yourself to the restaurant to show the customer care agent that it was closed.

How do you feel about this? 

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