Violent Fight Breaks Out Among Participants Of The Desaru International Bike Week (DIBW) 2023



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Violent Fight Breaks Out Among Participants Of The Desaru International Bike Week (DIBW) 2023

By MJC97

The Desaru International Bike Week (DIBW) 2023, held at Desaru Beach, was marred by what appeared to be a tumultuous altercation involving two groups of participants. The event, which commenced on Friday, saw several viral videos circulating on social media, capturing moments of confrontation between the two parties in the late afternoon, which escalated into the night.

In one video lasting 4 minutes and 25 seconds, law enforcement officers were seen successfully managing the daytime altercation. However, another 76-second video depicting the nighttime events showcased a situation seemingly spiralling out of control, with participants throwing objects, including chairs.

According to the videos, individuals involved in the fracas were reportedly intoxicated. While the incident is said to have involved international participants, it also had repercussions for local attendees.

Confirmation of the incident and further information from the police is currently being sought.

DIBW 2023, a three-day international festival and exhibition celebrating the motorcycling lifestyle, was estimated to attract around 100,000 visitors this time. The objective of DIBW, which began in 2019, is to unite motorcyclists from across the region in camaraderie and a celebration of the motorcycling lifestyle, while also promoting local culture, cuisine, and sports.

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