5 Things You SHOULD Know About Charlie



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5 Things You SHOULD Know About Charlie

By ellephant

Have you heard about an insect called Charlie? Weird name, but it's definitely something you should look out for. Long, orange and black bodies, these insects can be found all around Southeast Asia, and a few other countries worldwide. 


There are a few facts about these insects that is important for knowledge. Here they are:

1. Poisonous when touched/hurts skin


Charlies are poisonous not because they sting or bite, but when they are squashed with your bare hands. There are toxins in their body that when come in contact with skin, causes a painful rash. 

It is usually red, itchy and can become blisters if aren't properly looked after. If you happen to touch your eyes after smashing said bug with your hands/fingers, you could get conjunctivitis. 

2. Hides in moist places


Charlies thrive the most in moist habitats such as crop fields, riverbanks, drains, pools, and lakes. At home, if you were to ever keep a look out for one, you may want to check your showers, sinks, clothes and curtains. That's where they love it best. 

3. Can fly


The worse possible thing an insect could do, is have the super ability to fly. Well, it's just our luck, because this one most definitely can. 

4. Comes when the weather is hot/humid


The peak season of the Charlies is when the weather is hot. So, don't be too surprised if you find one or two of them roaming around, especially now, more than ever.  

5. Attracted to the light


Another fun fact about Charlie is that they, like a lot of other insects, absolutely love the light. They're attracted to fluorescents and often buzz about around/at them. 

They aren't your ordinary ants, so it is important to know what you're dealing with if you happen to come across one. Should you get poisoned by them, it'd be wise to consult a doctor. 

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