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Ways To Style Your Oversized T-Shirt So It Doesn’t Look Like Pyjamas

MJC97   |   Sep 24, 2021, 13:08   |   152

In places like Malaysia where the weather is hot almost every day, oversized tees are like Superman flying down and blowing some of his freezing breath around us. 

Oversized tees give room for ventilation to keep you cool while also helping you stay on trend. 

But when it comes to oversized t-shirts, it literally balances on the line between fashionable and pyjamas. So, you don’t fall into the pyjama-looking side of the line, here are some oversized t-shirt OOTD ideas:

1. Kar-Jenner Style 

Despite of all the backlash they get and how much most people claim that they hate them, you can’t really argue with the fact that these people are fashionable AF. One of the Kar-Jenner staples is the oversized t-shirt with biker shirts look. So, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be on the fashionable side and not the pyjama side. 


2. Paired with Mini Skirt

This outfit is definitely suitable for Malaysian weather! You got the short skirt, so your legs aren’t cooped up and hot complemented perfectly with a loose and breezy oversized t-shirt for maximum air flow. 


3. Workwear Style

There’s one I am definitely grateful for every day: not needing to wear formal suits to work every day. As more and more companies welcome smart casual or business casual attire at the workplace, we get to be creative and combine comfy and sophisticated into one outfit. 

Pairing an oversized t-shirt with a simple pair of trousers that are work suitable with a oversized t-shirt and you’re all set for a comfy but sophisticated looking work outfit. 


4. Paired with Jeans

If you’re looking for super casual and comfy, then this is the peanut butter to your jelly. It gives you a minimalist look and super chill vibes. 

You can have it two ways, tucked in or half-tucked. 


5. Oversized to Cropped

One simple step can take an oversized, baggy t-shirt into a form flattering cropped t-shirt, knotting it. Pick a side, front, back, left, right and simply make a simple knot with your oversized t-shit and voila you have a whole new outfit. 



6. Grunge Style

If you’re into a more grunge or edgy rockstar look, you can simply choose to wear some leggings under your oversized t-shirt and then wear a denim jacket on top of it. Since the layers can collect a whole workout worth of sweat in Malaysian weather, opt for this outfit when you’re visiting air-conditioned places la. 



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