9 Habits We MUST Get Rid Of



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9 Habits We MUST Get Rid Of

By ellephant

In the spirits of persevering mental health, there are plenty of habits we have spent our lives learning, which we now need to unlearn. 

Here are 9 of them.

1. Changing a person

No matter how much you want someone to change, everyone moves at their own pace, and you need to respect that, even if you don't necessarily like it. 


2. Yelling to get your way

Besides being and coming off immature, it really isn't pretty a sight when you raise your voice, as means to get what you want. 

3. Ignoring your needs

Despite what the world may say, you should always tend to yourself first, before you worry about anyone else. 

4. Attempting to 'win' an argument

At the end of the day, winning simply means knowing when to bow out. 


5. Making comparisons

Everyone has their own paths to walk on, comparing yourself to others will not change your dissatisfactions. Learn gratitude, instead.

6. Negative self-talk

You cannot expect the world to treat you right, if you don't first start treating yourself right. 

7. Lack of sleep

It goes healthy body, mind and soul. 


8. Silent treatments

Problems are resolved when words are used, not silence. 

9. Self-sabotaging

Sometimes, our biggest enemies, are our own minds. Remember you're in control, not the other way round. 

As means to be genuinely happy and at peace, start here. 

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