WATCH: "What Goes Online, Stays Online!" M'sian Doctor Warns Against Parenting Behavior On Social Media, Highlighting Potential Trauma To Children



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WATCH: "What Goes Online, Stays Online!" M'sian Doctor Warns Against Parenting Behavior On Social Media, Highlighting Potential Trauma To Children

By JustineG

There's a noticeable trend wherein individuals eagerly pursue social media trends, often at the expense of their own integrity. Dr. Malar Santhi Santherasegapan, a prominent figure in both medical circles and social media spheres, recently took to task a segment of mothers who habitually chase fleeting trends, potentially damaging their family's reputation in the process. Dr. Malar's remarks were delivered via a podcast disseminated by @yegacademy on the popular platform TikTok.

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Central to Dr. Malar's message is the importance of maintaining dignity and decorum in both online interactions and public settings, particularly for mothers whose actions reflect not just upon themselves but their entire family unit. She highlighted the potential repercussions of compromising one's integrity, particularly concerning familial relationships and societal perceptions.

Dr. Malar underscored the significance of female guardianship within the family dynamic, stressing women's responsibility to uphold traditional values for the sake of their fathers, husbands, and children. She articulated concerns regarding the long-term impact on children's emotional well-being and childhood memories should their mothers' behaviour come under ridicule from peers.

The doctor also speculated on the potential psychological toll should children be subjected to ridicule due to their mothers' online conduct. By illustration, she described scenarios where children might face embarrassment or mockery from peers, emphasizing the lasting consequences on their emotional development.

Furthermore, Dr. Malar emphasized the permanence of online content and its enduring influence on personal and professional reputations. She cautioned against prioritizing short-term gratification over long-term consequences, urging individuals to consider their future selves and the image they project online.

Despite her extensive engagement with social media, Dr. Malar remains steadfast in her commitment to embodying the principles of respect and education. Her call to action encourages others to leverage their online influence responsibly, echoing sentiments echoed by numerous netizens who agreed with her perspective.

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