iPhone Privacy Issue | Why You Should Stop Sending Photos Via Text:



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iPhone Privacy Issue | Why You Should Stop Sending Photos Via Text:

By Ayunie

If you have an iPhone, you're probably well aware of the fact that every photo you take comes with all sorts of information— including creation date and your location, or better known as the metadata. While this information can prove to be useful at times, it can easily become a privacy issue whenever safety is concerned. 


Whenever you text a photo, the receiver could precisely know your whereabouts, and it could potentially compromise your safety should it fall on the wrong hands. 

# Can I Get Rid Of The Location Tags On My Pictures?


With the latest iOs 15 updates, yes, you can. Here's how you do it:

1. Open your photos app, and choose any photo.


2. Tap the info button on the bottom of the photo, or simply swipe up. 

3. Next, tap Adjust on the bottom right corner of the map. This is where the information regarding your location is stored.


4. tap No Location to erase all said information.


5. You can also add a different location on the photo if you wish to keep your real address a secret. 


That's it! if you have the habit of sending random pictures to online friends/potential dates/strangers on the internet, it's best to have this feature turned off. 

You never know who could be stalking you!

Source: CNET 

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