This Creative Grab Driver Attracts Attention By Displaying His Resume In Car



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This Creative Grab Driver Attracts Attention By Displaying His Resume In Car

By JustineG

Searching for a job can be tough, but one UTP graduate has taken a unique approach to attract recruiters and potential employers. Meet Naziruddin, a Grab driver, who decided to display his resume on the back of his headrests for passengers to see during their rides. 

Little did he know that this creative move would go viral and bring him closer to landing his dream job!

After facing disappointment with online job applications, Naziruddin got creative. He never expected the tremendous response from his passengers, who not only took pictures of his resume but also forwarded it to their contacts who were hiring.

It all started when a curious passenger struck up a conversation about his background, leading to her request for his resume. Inspired by this encounter, Naziruddin saw the opportunity to share his credentials with the working adults who often rode in his car.

Naziruddin, a chemical engineering graduate from University Teknologi Petronas, finished his studies on August 2021. Prior to becoming a Grab driver, he had over a year of experience as a Sales Engineer at two different companies. However, he made the decision to be a full-time e-hailing driver after the Raya celebrations when his previous job ended in April.

Naziruddin never know that his creative job search would catch the eye of a passenger who turned out to be a Department Director at an e-commerce company. After the passenger sent his resume to a recruiter, the dominoes started falling. Naziruddin received a call for an interview, and the next stages of the hiring process are already in motion!

Overwhelmed by the kind support of Malaysians, Naziruddin took to Twitter to express his gratitude. He never expected his creativity to go viral, and he's touched by the flood of comments praising his genius idea. 

We are rooting for Naziruddin's success and hope he lands the job he's been dreaming of, serving as an inspiration to others with his innovative approach.

In the competitive job market, thinking outside the box can make all the difference. Naziruddin's story proves that a little creativity, combined with determination, can take you a long way. We wish him the best of luck in his job search, and may his journey continue to inspire others to explore unique paths in their own careers!

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