WATCH: Local Businesswoman Endures Over A Year Of Stalking By Former Employee



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WATCH: Local Businesswoman Endures Over A Year Of Stalking By Former Employee

By JustineG

In the aftermath of local photographer Acacia Diana's courageous disclosure of her harrowing experience with a stalker, a groundswell of solidarity has emerged, as countless women step forward to share their own chilling stories of harassment and stalking. Among these brave voices is Afifah Roslan, an enterprising business owner, who recently took to social media to shed light on her year-long ordeal with a former employee turned relentless stalker.

Afifah, an outspoken entrepreneur, initiated her Twitter thread with a candid admission: "I think it's time I opened up (about) this publicly because I can't stand living in stress, trauma, and fear." As her account unfolded, it became apparent that Afifah had endured an unsettling saga at the hands of her former employee, Amril.

Recounting the events, Afifah shared that Amril, who once worked for her coffee venture, had never been someone she felt at ease around. She had chosen to communicate through her business partner for any dealings involving Amril.

Curiously, Amril's abrupt departure from his job was accompanied by an alarming escalation in his presence in Afifah's life. Bombarding Afifah with a barrage of messages, professing his love and infiltrating her personal and professional domains across various social media platforms, Amril's actions became increasingly sinister.

Even during her sacred umrah, Afifah found no respite from Amril's relentless advances.

Afifah's appeals to cease the harassment fell on deaf ears, as Amril continued his intrusive behaviour. He even resorted to creating new social media accounts to perpetuate his contact. 

The situation reached a disturbing climax when Amril left a chilling voicemail, sending Afifah's fears for her safety into overdrive.

In a bid to halt the torment, Afifah involved her business partner to reason with Amril, but the harassment persisted. Undeterred, Afifah reported the ongoing ordeal to the authorities, only to be met with a response that left her disillusioned and anxious for her well-being.

As Afifah's story resonated with others, an outpouring of support from netizens ensued, expressing hope for a swift resolution to her ordeal and sending prayers for her safety. Photographer Acacia, herself a survivor of stalking, extended a hand of solidarity to Afifah, offering guidance on navigating the investigative process and documenting the harassment.

Amid this wave of awareness, many netizens voiced their frustration at the perceived lack of urgency from authorities in addressing stalking cases. Acacia emphasized the significance of invoking the Anti-Stalking Law (Act 507A of the Penal Code), urging fellow victims of harassment to utilize this legal avenue.

Collectively, there is a fervent hope that authorities will heed the call for action, ensuring Afifah's liberation from the grip of fear and suffering. As women continue to unite and share their stories, a powerful movement is gaining momentum, shedding light on the urgent need for comprehensive measures to combat stalking and harassment in all its forms.

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