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2021 Hair Colors For The New Year

xweienx   |   Dec 18, 2020, 13:17   |   175

Time flies, and now 2021 is just a few weeks away, while Chinese New Year is only a month or two away. Althought the pandemic might stop us from travelling around for the next Chinese New Year, but who says you can't still buy new clothes and get a new hairstyle? For many asian girls, brown is the go-to-color when dying their hair, but here are some more stylish trends that might just make you the center of attention in 2021. So, have a look and you might find one that suits you even better than just plain old brown!

#1 Milk Tea Brown

Remember when I said brown was plain and old? This is so much better! The color falls somewhere between light brown and dark blonde and has been quite popular in the last few years. It's a lighter, creamier beige that is not too warm or cool, making it perfect for the Asian complexion. Not only does it help you look fairer, it also matches many girls' styles and outfits easily!

#2 Tangerine Brown

Falling in between brown and tangerine, this color will shine better under the sun, giving off a more lively energy! The brighter tangerine seeks attention while the brown maintains a low profile, a perfect balance for those who don't want to be lost among the crowd but don't want to stand out too much. A thing to note is that this color errs towards a yellowish tone, so those with a similar skin tone should properly discuss with your hairstylist.

#3 Caramel Brown

A warmer tone that is in between flax and mocha colors. Visually, a caramel brown hair style can give off different impressions under different lighting. Quite a classic color so pulling it off properly will help you look years younger, perfect the fashionista in you!

#4 Bright Gold & Flax Brown

If you like flax hair but want to stand out from the pack, consider Blackpink's Lisa's favorite Gold & Flax Brown style. Being between blonde and brown, it is on the cooler side of the spectrum. The style might be more picky with skin tones, preferring those with fairer skin. However, don't be discouraged if you have a darker skin tone as you might just be able to pull it off like Lisa!

#5 Berry Brown

One of the most sought after colors by Korean girls lately, the berry brown product is achieved by adding shades of red and tangerine to a brown base. The red is showcased in the sun while the brown takes over when indoors, showing off your elegance without losing a touch of vigor. This tone is also perfect for the Chinese New Year!

#6 Rose Gold Brown

Those who are a fan of rose gold will also love this rose gold brown tone. It might just be a brown base with a gentle touch of red and gold, but it goes a long way to make your look more classy! Under the sun, it might give of a feel of translucence, enhancing the glow of your skin.

See anything you like? Set up and appointment with your hairstylist and give your hairstyle a huge step up now!

*Cover images from Minyoung Park Instagram (Left) & Jessica Jung Instagram (Right)


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