Redeem Apple Products with Credit Card Reward Points



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Redeem Apple Products with Credit Card Reward Points

By xweienx

Previously, we've shared about Switch's "iPad for Everyone" and "iPhone for Everyone" plans where customers are allowed to pay for their Apple products through installments without needing a credit card. Now, Switch has come up with yet another great program to help more people purchase their first (or tenth!) Apple product.  

One of the reasons why people choose to sign up for credit cards is for the reward points. Many people collect reward points for months and even years just to redeem it for something that they really want but can't afford. Here are a few more things you can redeem with your points now!  

Switch has recently introduced "Pay with Points", which means you can now go to any Switch outlet to redeem your credit card points for an iPhone or iPad! Right now, the participating banks only include Maybank and CIMB, but we believe the list might expand in the future.

The reward points conversion rate is as follows:

CIMB: 400 points to RM1

Maybank: 500 points to RM1

For more information, you can check out their poster or just head to any Switch outlet.  

Of course, not everyone has tens of thousands of reward points, especially if they don't use their credit cards frequently. That is why Switch is very accommodating and flexible on payments. For example, if you only have enough points to redeem RM1000 for a RM3000 device, you can pay the remaining RM2000 by cash, credit card (more points!), or by installment.  

So, if you don't have plenty of free cash lying around, but have been accumulating reward points for a while now, consider this new "payment method" the next time you need a new Apple product!

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