5 Ways To Get Rid of Your Old Books Without Throwing Them Away



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5 Ways To Get Rid of Your Old Books Without Throwing Them Away

By Pineapplesz

Books are one of those things that is quite hard to get rid of. Hence, the shelves that keep getting higher and bigger just to fit them in. Maybe now is the time to organize those shelves to make space for more books. To do that, you will have to get rid of some old books or simply books that you would not reach out to anymore. 

So if you are in this situation, here are some ways to recycle your old books without throwing them away.

1) Sell books online


2) Donate books


3) Book giveaway


4) Free book box


5) DIY crafts with old books



So, did some of the ideas above make you think twice before throwing away your old books? Share with us more ways on how we can recycle old books. 

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